Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Back in the USofA!

So we are all packed out on Monday and I fly Tuesday morning.  Sounds pretty calm.  Except that Delta had "archived" my tickets, which kind of means cancelled.  
Not knowing this because we kept getting e-mails from Delta saying I was flying (I got the last e-mail on monday)  I show up to the Daegu airport and get checked into that leg of the flight (which the Army has paid for) but they can't find my information to check me thru to DC.  So I get on the airplane and go to Seoul.  From that time until I land in Seoul Ric is on the phone (almost 2.5 hrs) working to get my tickets fixed so that I can get on the plane in Seoul.  In Seoul I get in the line which is at least 100 deep to wait to check into my flight.  When I finally get up to the counter the guy can not find my flight so he goes and consults with the supervisor.   Finally a man comes from somewhere and explains that he has spoken to my husband who is very concerned and that yes I will get on that flight.  I still have to pay for Beaux to fly with me so I go pay that and then make my way thru customs and security.  When I get in the line to get onto the plane my ticket clears red as in stop, the reason Ric wants me to call him.  The problem is in a year I have not memorized Ric's cell # I can not reach him.  Thankfully he had called Korean Air so much they had his number and the agent just called him from her cell.  The love my husband showed for me this particular Tuesday I can not even explain!  I love him so much!  And he took such GREAT care of me!
I am very grateful to be back on American soil I can not even properly put it into words.  Please if you read this say a prayer that God will not ever send us back to Korea or changes my heart.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Newest Quilt top

Here is a variation of the last quilt I pieced yesterday.  Kind of an interesting mix of blocks.  
I am now ready to quilt it.   For my Jooyan (Korean Dr. friend)