Monday, February 28, 2011

Affect Change

I am doing a Beth Moore Bible study,  Breaking Free.
This paragraph really strikes me.
"Sometimes we're willing to criticize what happened before us, but are we willing to take the challenge of positively affecting those after us?  The little slice of time God offers each generation is a trust.  Those before us who were not faithful with their trust will be held accountable, but we're still here.  We still have a chance to positively affect the generations that follow us."  Isaiah 39:5-8 ... what kind of "link" was Hezekiah?
Oh God help me to be faithful and honoring of the slice of time you have given me.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Be my Ma'amaw...

Friday night I was out with my friend Jamie and her 3.5 boys.  We had gone out to eat at the local mexican restaurant and then had come back to my house.  At the end of the evening Ry had decided that I should be his Ma'amaw.  So meet my newest Grandson... Rylee, he is 4.  No we don't have another kid.   Just have an extra grandson.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A long year

This has been an interesting year.  One which I am very grateful is nearly complete.  My beloved groom has been working far away.  God has been most gracious and merciful to us.  I am very proud of my handsome man.  He has been working to make his soldiers comfortable.

He has loved his soldiers as God has asked of him.  He has my utmost respect.  
Thank you to anyone who reads this who has lifted us up in prayer.  I appreciate it more than words can express.  We will soon be together again.