Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Merry Christmas!  
This has been an interesting Christmas.  OINK comes to mind.  Only IN Korea.  We opened our gifts and then went to a 168 pot luck lunch.  It was very quiet and since I only had to take one part very nice to not have to cook all day.   
About 1830 we had a friend from Ft. Lee whom is now in Korea on an unaccompanied tour came from another area Camp and we went to Bennigan's for dinner.  
While it was an interesting day I have only Thanks that I was not spending Christmas day alone, and that my husband is not deployed to some hotspot at the moment.  
Please remember to pray for our soldiers who are away from family right now. 
God Bless!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

mud ladiesIIII

Mud ladies... she is pouring tea.  Again she has tiny fingers and and her bangles move.

mud ladies III

Mud lady... She is sewing... that needle in her hand is smaller than a toothpick... Again she is dressed in traditional garb.  And her tiny fingers and those bangles move too.

mud ladies II

Mud lady... she is playing a sad instrument... it plays a low sad music.  Again tiny fingers and the bangles move.

mud ladies

So I have gotten something that totally doesn't look like what I would collect... here are some pictures. 
So if you can see her tiny bangles on her wrists... they are not attached ... and her fingers are tiny!  She is wearing clothing that are about 200 years old and playing a happy instrument.  She is also sitting on a celadon seat.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas decorating 2008

We usually spend the day after ThanksGiving or ThanksGiving day itself decorating the house.   This year however, we had none of our Christmas stuff.  Since we brought only 600 lbs worth of stuff (as Ric is on an un-accompanied tour) Christmas stuff didn't rank.  Anyhow, we found a tree behind Ric's bookshelf at work!  YAY!  So we went and got ripped off at the 4Seasons store and bought a box of ornaments and an angel, and then we got popcorn to pop (regular~ not microwaved... I had never made it before) and cranberries.  We strung the popcorn and I strung the cranberries.  Then I pulled out all of the book marks, and little phone charms I have collected here in Korea.  Add some candy canes and our tree is decorated.  Good thing it is only about 3' tall.  

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Today after a meal at the Evergreen with the Hesters,  I went to Starbucks with Jooyan Park.  Jooyan is my Korean Dr. friend.  HA HA  I supposedly teach her English... HA HA.  I do very little but have conversations with her.  Of course she is a Christian so we have really nice conversations.  
It is really interesting how important getting married is here.  Jooyan is 35 now (which if I understand right is really 34 in American counting) and is actively looking for a husband.  She has been refused because she is too short, and because she is not Catholic.  She has refused for rude manners, and for not having a relationship with God.
I leave Korea in 78 days and I am looking for someone who would like a Korean friend to meet with on a weekly basis.  I accept no pay (of course she is always bringing something with her from fruit-ice cream) .  Please pray that I can find someone to take over who will love my precious friend.  Also pray that God will give her, her hearts desire a husband.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

2008 Pic

We got our 2008 picture taken.  We were able to take Beaux and NV in with us.  Check it out.


Greetings from Korea... 80 days left here!  :D