Friday, October 19, 2012

Home Sweet Home!

Well we finally found a home and bought it!  It fits us well, which is great since it is our intent for it to be home for a long time.
We signed papers on 10 Aug 2012 and Ric moved in on the 12th.  He was painting some of the rooms.   On the  13th we received House Hold Goods.  We have spent the last 2+ weeks unpacking.

See here he took old cabinet from the bathroom and put the work sink into it.  Since the work sink was so wobbly it sure does make it lot nicer to use now.  Great job Babe!
Here is kind of what the bathroom looked like to begin with.  The tiles in front on on the side of the cabinet did NOT match the rest of the tile job.  They had cut it funny to only have to make easy single straight cuts.
Toilet, cabinet and tile removed
ready for tile
Really it is only 40 pieces a breeze Babe! :)
Ric decided it would be wonderful to have a new cabinet and sink on the main floor.  So he bought the sink/cabinet.  Well then starts the morph.  It was one of the rooms to be painted so it had been painted already.  Then he looks at the floor and says ugh the person who put this tile in did a weird job and the sink can't go on top of the half done tile job.  So he pulls out the old tile to lay down about 40 new pieces of tile.   Thank God (and a gracious friend who gifted him with a really NICE saw) for a tile cutting blade that made these cuts go like butter.

Almost ready for grout...

Ready for grout
yikes... well the grout is there now!

And NOW it is all done!  He did a spectacular job!