Monday, August 31, 2009

Almost September

Here we are almost September. Wow so much life has passed since I last blogged. We traveled from DC to NC to KS in the 66 'stang. Then found a house to buy. Stayed almost 4 weeks with Lisa and Jeremy. Signed on the house, got household goods. Traveled out to CA/NV for business then visiting family. Tasha spent almost a month with us. Been to Branson, MO 2 x's for Chaplain conferences. Ric went to a schooling in SC. Nadine and her family came and spent almost 2 wks with us. Went to Dearborn, MI for the BRO reunion (Big Red One). Began a new hobby called geocaching thanks to our son-in-love Jeremy, have found over 200 geocaches since 20 Jun 2009 ( I attended an ASIST class last week. Sure was interesting to learn a suicide prevention method.