Saturday, January 24, 2009

This week in review

So this past week... 
Ric was sick with ... kind of flu symptoms. I went to the Fabric Market and got more fabric ...  I almost have my shelves full.  I helped with the delivery of furniture at the Apple Tree. 
Sometime on Friday I got a call from a friend asking if I would help her she needed a top pieced for a quilt.   Friday eve she brought me the fabric, Saturday morning I called her to come lay out the blocks (only 15)  And today I finished piecing it.  It was really nice to do something so quickly.  Now I want to finish my couple of pieces before we leave here.  
 In just an hr I go to pick up Jooyan.

Monday, January 19, 2009

buying a house... part IV

So the construction company was supposedly motivated to sell the house we were looking at.  Oh well not that motivated.  So instead of buying from Korea we will keep looking until we get there.  That is fine we want God's will for our home, so at this point we wait.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Buying a house ... part III

So today we put an offer in on a house in KS.  The seller has until the 17th to respond.  So here is the irony... I am reasonably calm, Ric is STRESSED!  Ok if you know us you know that is COMPLETELY backwards.  I am rather enjoying not being the stressed one.  Ric is saying I can take the stress back.  
I can hardly wait for the next 40 days to go buy on one side... on the other I know that as soon as we leave here we will be counting days until the next deployment.  We actually fly 2 days apart and from there will make a fast/slow trip from DC to KS, stopping multiple times to see friends and family at least for a meal some overnight.
In the mean time there is a lot of life to live right here in Korea.  To include taking a Beth Moore Esther class, a Fireproof marriage study, more fabric to buy,  and the farewells have already begun.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Follow up to buying a house from a Distance

This will be short and crazy... seems like we have decided to put an offer on a house.  One of our Beautiful daughters went and saw it for us and so here we go the interesting world of house buying from A DISTANCE!  ARE WE NUTS!  Oops we both come from a family that fits that description I guess the answer is YES!  

Our Girls and our Infertility

God doesn't do things normally with us... so He choose not to give us kids the "normal" way.  
After years (1986-2005) of trying to get pregnant and going to dr's to figure out what the problem was.  In 2006 after years of significant pain I had a hysterectomy( 4 fibroid tumors in and out of the uterus) and prolific endometriosis which I had, had surgery for in 1997.  
Starting in 1999 God started sending us girls that needed to know God's love.  Needed love from a safe place regardless of their choices.  Need cheering on as they step thru life ~Ric is a great cheerleader... me I am mostly step up you are selling yourself short.  It took about 5 girls before we realized that this was God's plan... we certainly didn't see this as a direction for God to work in.  We almost lost one but she is tenacious and kept up with us.  I am glad she has such FAITH in us, giving us time to figure it out.  Our 7 girls so far have given us 8 grands who call us Nana and PawPaw.  
Walking the life of infertility has been very difficult, even now it can make me cry given the "right circumstances" .  I have frequently in the years wondered why God had this path for us.  It has been some of the most painful times in my life.  And it certainly makes me wonder why God chooses to give "stupid" people children to hurt.  Children are such beautiful gifts and to intentionally hurt them or not stand in the way of harm makes me crazy.  I am so thankful when I see parents who love their children.  
This week my heart has been especially pained at missing getting to raise our children... and yet if I weren't in this position would I have been open to love the beautiful girls that God has given us?  Probably not... 

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Buy a house.  From a distance.  I do not understand how people buy a house site unseen.  Maybe it is because they have purchased a house before.  Even though we have no intention of staying in the house we purchase for the rest of our lives it feels like such a huge decision.  And taking into consideration that we want it to easily able to sell in a few years and making sure that others will want it ... whew.   So we have looked and looked (online), one of our beautiful girls went and looked at the ones we were interested in.  Some we thought looked great our Lisa said she couldn't even get all her furniture into it... meaning there is NO way I could get ours into it.  All the decisions and really once we get there we will be making the decisions within about 24 hrs if not less.  Ready or not here we come... and yet the days must tick off before we can get there.

Friday, January 2, 2009


just sigh ... do you ever just ask why?  Well I do and tonight is one more of those times.  WHY?!