Sunday, May 9, 2010

STAY off of the table!

For a few months now one of our dogs has been getting on the table and shredding anything that is upon it.  So today just before I left for  chapel I put packing tape all around the edge and across the center of the table.  Each piece of tape was from 18-24" long.
Here is what I found upon entering the house this afternoon...  Notice the shine on his back... there is a total of 3 pieces 2 on his feet and the third on his back.
Now notice that the dog on the higher step is completely tape free... The culprit has been found... Now how many times will I leave tape on the table before he decides the table is off limits? Nevada is innocent, Beaux has implicated himself.  

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mothers Day

My dear sweet husband ordered me flowers for Mother's Day.  Pale pink being my favorite color... Tulips sprinkled in,  again my favorite.  Roses are a close second.
Thank you for the beautiful flowers Babe... I love you too!

This last picture I added the Red rose from earlier today it was so lonely all by itself.

Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates

Late this week I was invited to a VIP Town Hall Meeting,  VIP unnamed.  I got there early ... with my key to the car, phone, and ID ONLY.  And as per normal town hall meetings with VIP's we waited... They actually had a nice little spread of tea, water, coffee and cookies.  In a very comfortable room with comfortable chairs. (the food and the comfortable room and chairs are not normal)
Anyhow it turns out that this is the first Spouse's Town Hall Meeting ever held by Secretary Gates.  I was so surprised at how ... real, and down to earth he is.  He was very impressive.  I would say what most impressed me is how he genuinely cares.
When I get the picture his staff took of the two of us (in a line 10 seconds coin and picture taken, times 150 other spouses) I will post it.  The picture of him is from my phone camera so... well that is the best I could get.
He visited us in honor of Military Spouse Appreciation day which was yesterday.  We each got a coin and rose, after his speech of about 10 minutes and about 30 minutes of Q & A.
Now I know anyone who believes like me believes I should have been praying for him in the first place. OK you are right.  And now it will be much easier to do just that.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Pink Tulips

My favorite flower is a pink tulip.  Back in 2004 I had the opportunity to go to Holland and see tulips in bloom.  Here are a few pictures... One is with me and my cousin... she is a flower too. ;)