Friday, February 26, 2010

Teacups in pink

 Beverly How Sweet the Sound is hosting Pink Saturday go check out the happy pinks. 
All my growing up I remember having tea at home, at Gram's.  And I remember mom always letting us pick the teacup we wanted to drink out of.  Oh how beautiful to relax with a simple cup of soothing tea.  Back then mostly I drank camomile, peppermint or sleepy time and always sweetened with a healthy dose of honey.  I always choose a floral and mostly pink since it has been my favorite colour since I was a little girl.  Years ago my mom split my Gram's teacups between my sister and me.  Pretty elegant sophisticated teacups always make me smile.  These days my favorite teas are English Breakfast, Vanilla Almond, and Earl Grey and I am a cream and honey kinda gal for all of them. 1) picked up in a thrift shop in KS , 2) Currently my favorite teacup picked up in an antique shop in SC, 3) the cream small floral is from Germany,  the tiny green one is from China,  the far left one was my Gram's, 4) was picked up in my time in Europe at a yard sale, 5) the rose is one that a French friend gifted to my mom, 6) both of those cups came from France also. 7) This was probably my all time favorite to drink out of.

This week I visited Bellamere Cottage , I must say I just love the name she picked for her blog.  Go check out her place and sweet what fun she has gotten into.

Christmas ornaments in Jan and Feb

Ok I know Christmas is over!  I know!  NO REALLY I KNOW!
I saw these ornaments at Mr Chaplain's bosses house and had to make them.  Of course I didn't have time until well into January.
The pink ones are just fun for me.
The other is one of his unit patches.  I will make them all so we can have them for the military tree.

Harry's the nicest local restaurant

Recently I went to Harry's it is THE nicest local restaurant.  They had 2 things that were absolutely WONDERFUL!  I don't often get excited about food with my allergic like reaction to wheat.
The first is their Bruschetta ok ok so it is bread but it is served with the most delish balsamic marinated goat cheese topped with green olives, and served with herbed Roma tomatoes.  I can't be going to Harry's all the time so I made my own version of their appetizer.

The second was their flour less chocolate spice cake.  OH MY WORD!  Smooth, thick, and the spice... the spice was Cheyenne pepper.  Seriously it is a good thing that they serve such small triangles because I ate 4 of them!

Friday, February 19, 2010


The rose stained glass is made by my mom.  The paintings water colour and oil were painted by my Gram.  This little doll is a larger version of a doll I got as a small girl... her name is Rosebud.  This one is actually a gift from a sweet friend who is really like a sister.  Rosebud was my favorite Christmas gift as a child.  She came with a pram and a bassinet.  Please make sure to check out How Sweet the Sound and see other happy pink places.  Thank you for stopping by.  

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Valentines... pretty in pink

Here are a couple happy pink places.  I have been so impatient to have live flowers this snow filled year.  The hearts plates and the tea cup are gifts from friends and have such sweet memories tied to them.  Hope you have a great Pink Saturday.  Please make sure to check out How Sweet the Sound and see other happy pink places.  Thank you for stopping by.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Beth Moore's So Long, Insecurity...

Ok I just HAVE to share this Beth Moore is hands down my favorite Bible study author.  Last Tuesday her newest book came out "So Long, Insecurity you've been a bad friend to us".  Her "LPM Blog" is doing kind of Book club with those who sign up.  This woman helps me to come face to face with God.  I really Thank God that He has placed such a calling on this precious woman.  

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Silver shiny shiny silver

This was a gift from my boss when Mr. Chap graduated getting his BA in Pre-Seminary.  It says "As for me and my house we will serve the Lord" These spoons are what we each got when we were born.  As you can see his was used while mine looks almost new.  The spoons have our names and some additional birth information on them. (And yes the spoons are basically identical we were born in the same small state and this must have been the gift with birth back then in our home state really the only difference is our information birthdate and time)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pretty Pink

I love flowers! These are such a joy especially in the winter when flowers in the garden aren't. Pink flowers are my favorite. Tulips, Peonies, cabbage roses, roses... all pale pink...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bathroom colors

Here are the paint "chips" on the living room mantle. The color isn't exact but it is pretty close to the center light one.

Here the chips are in one of the 2 bathrooms Ric has painted. This is the top color of the light "chip" and it is Behr 700C-3 Pecan Sandie. Also in the picture are some lovely pink things.

This is the master shower room. The color I painted it was Brown Teepee (Behr 700D-4) It is the lightest of the
dark card. The picture is a print from Paris.