Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Not in love with oak cabinets

The kitchen it all of its loveliness or NOT! Isn't the fruit behind the stove just ugly!

Yes oak all the way around... 

So the very first thing that had to go was that stupid tile behind the stove.  Yes all that we did was take off the tile and paint.  Yet I do not have any need to look at that tile ever again.  Most grateful it is gone!

All painted and restful!  
Oh but that florescent light is sticking out like a sore thumb!

The view from the great room past the breakfast table to the kitchen

And just like that he replaced the florescent thing with a can LED light.
Yes I have a chandelier over my sink and over the breakfast table.  I like chandeliers A LOT ok.  I was able to get a good deal on them in Czech when we lived in Germany.
Again Ric put so much hard work into these spaces!

Saturday, June 15, 2013


Well here it is pretty standard.  Just a place to tuck groceries and spare platters and cake plates.  I asked Ric to move the shelves around a little so that I could put the cafe within easy reach.   The shelf he took out of the center he added at the top. At a later date he will put a light and electric into this space to clean it up a bit.

  See the cute little chandelier I found. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Master Bathroom

YAY!  We are getting rid of the nasty carpet in the master bathroom!
The bathroom before we bought the house,
 but basically what it looked like when we moved in.
See the counter is one very long section.  It was wasted space really.
We aren't into the oak look.  

Everything out!  What a disaster area!  About this time we had a childhood friend come spend a while in our home while deciding if he was moving to CO.  He was so much help to Ric!  Thanks Pat!
Painted walls we found yellow and black
under the lights and counter.

Yikes!  Self leveling... not really!  So messy!

The floating membrane so tiles
won't crack as easily.

the closet was tiled also.
Well the toilet had to go somewhere!
It is in a trash bag... EWW!

 It seemed to go ON and ON and ON!

Finally grouting!  Whew and still so far to go!

 Done!  Well with the tile.  Nothing is back in yet.  You know the sinks and toilet!  Oh my how I missed the toilet in my own bathroom.  Oh and did I mention I had the flu at this point?  Oh yes... The toilet was put back quickly at that point.  :)
So the next things Ric did were paint the cabinets cream and cut the counter down to fit the cabinets.  Then we took a piece of furniture we bought in Korea and put it between to and a linen closet to the bathroom.
Proud of my groom this was a tough project!  Is it perfect no.  But come on carpet in the bathroom??? eek!  The sad gross person who came up with that.
Oh did you see there is HEAT under the tile... ahhh such a blessing!
Ric also put in new lights, those hollywood lights are gone.  If you check out a slight peek Ric also put a chandelier in the bathroom.  Me and my crystal.

And here it is!

Friday, May 3, 2013


The pergola before we bought the house.  The back span is to far to go the single piece of wood is bowed down badly.  The only thing holding this together is that they have screwed the plastic trellis to the wood about ever 6".  They added a back support and put two pieces of lumber on each side of each column.  Check out that pretty angle on the edges.
I failed to get pictures of my dad and Ric building this in February.  Here is a picture of my dad with Ric during that trip.  They did a great job!

Ric is painting it in May.