Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Moving... CO bound...

This will be our 18th move in 26 years.  Preparations for a move start 60-90 days in advance of the move.  Taking pictures off the walls, patching holes, resting crystal, getting rid of extra's, stop buying groceries and using what is in the cabinets... and the list goes on.  Packing takes 3-4 days with pack out taking up all of the 4th day.  Then we spend time cleaning the house to clear housing (this time it was 2.5 days of deep cleaning carpets, the stove... etc), giving away more things and most of my plants.  And now we are in a hotel for a week.
This Friday, 8 June 2012, Ric will graduate from ILE.  WhooHoo!  So proud of him.  SO tired of school and I am not even doing it!  His father Ed and Fran will be coming to help us move the stang and the hog and see the graduation.  His sister Charlynn and her family are also coming up to see the graduation.
This is still been a good place for us... The doctor caught the thyroid cancer.  We were surrounded with old and new friends and of course Ric was home for surgery and RAI.
On Saturday 9 June, Ric will perform a wedding ceremony for Clare and Joe.

all our 18,000+ lbs of stuff 

On Sunday, Ed will preach at the Sunday night service.  On Monday we will go to Colby, KS.  On Tuesday we will get to CO.  We will spend Tues afternoon searching for a home... we think we want to buy but want to do God's will.  Wed we will continue on to NV and AZ for 10 days...