Friday, January 29, 2010

Silver Silver More Silver

When I found this lovely little lamp at the Thrift shop it had a dirty white shade on it and the bottom silver part was pitted tarnished and brassy in color. I loved the crystal stem and the marble base, so I bought it for 3$. I brought it home and took it apart and spray painted the harp and center stem and the metal at the bottom in silver. One day at some outlet I found this shade for 5$. LOL ok ok so I paid more for the shade than the lamp but it is such a joy now.

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Pink! Pink! Sweet, Sweet Pink!

Here is what I call my welch cupboard. I bought the bottom at the Thrift shop it was horrible MP green (Military Police) and I scraped off the color. Anyhow a few years ago I had my darling talented husband built this top green shelf, I designed specifically to fit the pale pink spaghetti bowl (from Italy) on the bottom shelf. In our travels I pick up pottery. On the top shelf this pretty pink is from Ireland. On the middle shelf is a gift from a friend it is from Germany. On the bottom shelf is a pitcher from my mom. There are many other pink things in this picture but for today I will stop here.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wall flowers

So late last year... sometime in November or December I saw something in someone's house that just made me SMILE. It made me smile so much that I went out and got parts to make my own version. I will be updating or adding pieces for the different seasons. Oh the feathers are from Ric's pheasant hunting trips.
These are to the left and right of the mantel.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


So Friday I went to a place called T- La - Re. They buy stuff from yard sales and then sell it in their shop. Anyhow I went out Friday looking for Silver. This is what I found. First this "vase" is about 16". The 2nd item is the tray on the right. I think for 11$ I did pretty well. I still want to find a rectangular footed tray. The silver pitcher was a gift from my mom. The Coffee service was my grandmothers.


I just found a statement made by Thomas Jefferson that I really like, so I am sharing it.

That which we elect to surround ourselves with becomes the museum of our soul and the archive of our experiences. - Thomas Jefferson

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Oops missed Friday

So the coffee went very well! The ladies enjoyed themselves and stayed late.

While I was entertaining mr. CHAP was going to pick up one of our girls and 2 of her kids. YAY! We love having our kids come home! We just spent a quiet weekend together playing Mario. Mr. Tart came with their oldest and picked our girl and took her back home on Monday.

So I had made a chocolate torte for the party on Wednesday. To say that it flopped would be a complete understatement, so at 1300 (1 pm) the afternoon of the party I am quickly making another torte. Which PRAISE GOD! came out like a dream!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Today I will hold my first "coffee" and I can not even explain how far out of my comfort zone this is. However, with God ALL things are possible. I will post some pix showing the festivities on Friday. If you read this please pray for me. God Bless

Friday, January 8, 2010

Lovely Lamp

Here is my newest little re-arrangement. The lamp is a new addition (was a gift~ THANK YOU VERY MUCH!). I love how warm this lamp is. In the frame below is a picture of Ric's mom as a toddler, and then Ric's parents at their wedding. The table is a Hascall family piece, and the doily on top my Gram made for me years ago. The painting is from Korea, the throw blanket is from Ireland.