Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Oops missed Friday

So the coffee went very well! The ladies enjoyed themselves and stayed late.

While I was entertaining mr. CHAP was going to pick up one of our girls and 2 of her kids. YAY! We love having our kids come home! We just spent a quiet weekend together playing Mario. Mr. Tart came with their oldest and picked our girl and took her back home on Monday.

So I had made a chocolate torte for the party on Wednesday. To say that it flopped would be a complete understatement, so at 1300 (1 pm) the afternoon of the party I am quickly making another torte. Which PRAISE GOD! came out like a dream!


nrnoodle said...

What was in the metal cage? Glad to hear the your party went well.

Struggler said...

That (second?) torte looks AMAZING!!