Friday, January 8, 2010

Lovely Lamp

Here is my newest little re-arrangement. The lamp is a new addition (was a gift~ THANK YOU VERY MUCH!). I love how warm this lamp is. In the frame below is a picture of Ric's mom as a toddler, and then Ric's parents at their wedding. The table is a Hascall family piece, and the doily on top my Gram made for me years ago. The painting is from Korea, the throw blanket is from Ireland.


vanilla143 said...

yes Lisa I need to find a way to camo those cords. :D

nrnoodle said...

For your cords you can find fabric you really like and make sleeves for it. Make them twice as long as you need so they have a scrunched up look. A friend of mine did this and it looked great. Very pretty lamp by the way.

Karen said...

As usual LOVELY. Nice lamp