Sunday, May 9, 2010

STAY off of the table!

For a few months now one of our dogs has been getting on the table and shredding anything that is upon it.  So today just before I left for  chapel I put packing tape all around the edge and across the center of the table.  Each piece of tape was from 18-24" long.
Here is what I found upon entering the house this afternoon...  Notice the shine on his back... there is a total of 3 pieces 2 on his feet and the third on his back.
Now notice that the dog on the higher step is completely tape free... The culprit has been found... Now how many times will I leave tape on the table before he decides the table is off limits? Nevada is innocent, Beaux has implicated himself.  


Anonymous said...

Hi! I haven't been by in a very long time. I had seen the deployment photo/thumbnail and have only just now read it. My eyes fill with tears - just thinking about the separation and I pray you are doing well (both of you and y'all's family). (Texas-talk gets difficult to spell sometimes!) I enjoyed reading about the flowers he sent you. (Praise God!) and really like the way you found the culprit. Yes, Nevada looks so innocent and poor Beaux, he's totally caught! Precious photos! Our golden used to shred. We called her the shredder and the cat, the paper weight. Anyway, hope you're doing well. Before signing off, I stopped and prayed for y'all. Be strong. Thank you for ya'll's sacrifice in the service! Jenn


Ha! What a cutie he is. ... I bet he is thinking " she can't possibly know it is me" ha ha. I love it.

nrnoodle said...

very smart detective work.