Thursday, January 15, 2009

Buying a house ... part III

So today we put an offer in on a house in KS.  The seller has until the 17th to respond.  So here is the irony... I am reasonably calm, Ric is STRESSED!  Ok if you know us you know that is COMPLETELY backwards.  I am rather enjoying not being the stressed one.  Ric is saying I can take the stress back.  
I can hardly wait for the next 40 days to go buy on one side... on the other I know that as soon as we leave here we will be counting days until the next deployment.  We actually fly 2 days apart and from there will make a fast/slow trip from DC to KS, stopping multiple times to see friends and family at least for a meal some overnight.
In the mean time there is a lot of life to live right here in Korea.  To include taking a Beth Moore Esther class, a Fireproof marriage study, more fabric to buy,  and the farewells have already begun.

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