Sunday, January 4, 2009

Buy a house.  From a distance.  I do not understand how people buy a house site unseen.  Maybe it is because they have purchased a house before.  Even though we have no intention of staying in the house we purchase for the rest of our lives it feels like such a huge decision.  And taking into consideration that we want it to easily able to sell in a few years and making sure that others will want it ... whew.   So we have looked and looked (online), one of our beautiful girls went and looked at the ones we were interested in.  Some we thought looked great our Lisa said she couldn't even get all her furniture into it... meaning there is NO way I could get ours into it.  All the decisions and really once we get there we will be making the decisions within about 24 hrs if not less.  Ready or not here we come... and yet the days must tick off before we can get there.

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