Sunday, December 7, 2008


Today after a meal at the Evergreen with the Hesters,  I went to Starbucks with Jooyan Park.  Jooyan is my Korean Dr. friend.  HA HA  I supposedly teach her English... HA HA.  I do very little but have conversations with her.  Of course she is a Christian so we have really nice conversations.  
It is really interesting how important getting married is here.  Jooyan is 35 now (which if I understand right is really 34 in American counting) and is actively looking for a husband.  She has been refused because she is too short, and because she is not Catholic.  She has refused for rude manners, and for not having a relationship with God.
I leave Korea in 78 days and I am looking for someone who would like a Korean friend to meet with on a weekly basis.  I accept no pay (of course she is always bringing something with her from fruit-ice cream) .  Please pray that I can find someone to take over who will love my precious friend.  Also pray that God will give her, her hearts desire a husband.

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