Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas decorating 2008

We usually spend the day after ThanksGiving or ThanksGiving day itself decorating the house.   This year however, we had none of our Christmas stuff.  Since we brought only 600 lbs worth of stuff (as Ric is on an un-accompanied tour) Christmas stuff didn't rank.  Anyhow, we found a tree behind Ric's bookshelf at work!  YAY!  So we went and got ripped off at the 4Seasons store and bought a box of ornaments and an angel, and then we got popcorn to pop (regular~ not microwaved... I had never made it before) and cranberries.  We strung the popcorn and I strung the cranberries.  Then I pulled out all of the book marks, and little phone charms I have collected here in Korea.  Add some candy canes and our tree is decorated.  Good thing it is only about 3' tall.  

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