Tuesday, June 21, 2011


4 wks after surgery for Tasha, 8 months old + for Teo
I spent 6 weeks and 3 days in Hawaii.  Going just a short 6 wks after Ric got home from his last deployment.
Our daughter Tasha had back surgery.  Dr. Orchowski fused her L-5 to S-1.  I visited Tripler so much that by the end of my trip I was able to direct people to different area's of the hospital.  Our grandson Mateo was 7 months old when I arrived.
Ric and I went to the International Market in 1989

 6 days before I left I made the girls get in the car and I drove them around the island.  They told me some 20 miles into the drive I had to turn around cause the road ended and we would fall off into the ocean.   Later they realized we were on the opposite side of the island and we hadn't fallen off into the ocean.  Tasha was able to see parts of the island she hadn't seen in her almost 3 years.

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