Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Point to Ponder

Geiger counter similar to  RAI day
The day(20 Jan 2012) I went in for my SPECT scan I also asked them to use the Geiger counter on me.  See when they gave me the RAI they showed me the number on the Geiger Counter.  It was at 184 when I saw it at the highest.   So 10 days later I wanted to know what it was.  Anyhow when the technician for the SPECT was done I asked and she offered to get the Physicist for me.  The gentleman who came out was clearly of middle eastern decent.  From the moment he came around the corner while he responded to my questions his body and language were pointed toward Ric.  Now before you take the least bit offense please know I DID NOT!  Why?  Because in his culture he was honoring Ric and respecting me.  I believe some in our culture would have taken offense to his rudeness,  yet in truth he was showing me and Ric the best respect of his belief.  Sometimes it is easy to take an offense where it isn't ment as one.  Maybe instead of being so quick to take that offense if we can consider where the others shoes have walked then we can see they were showing respect and honor.
Side note; Mr. Heals (name changed to protect his identity) and Ric actually entered a rather quick conversation about the whole Iraq war.  In which his last basic comment was he wished that it had been properly wrapped up BEFORE our soldiers had come out, and even then thinks there should be some there for years to come. Another interesting note was,  he is a Nuclear Scientist and won't live in his home country because he never wants to be forced to use his knowledge to build something against his own wishes.  Also fascinating to me was while in Iraq he had lived in one city and had not even seen others because they weren't allowed to travel or even see the rest of their country.  Really I can't fathom not being able to travel even from Winnemcca, NV where I grew up to Reno, NV about a 2.25 hr drive.

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