Monday, February 3, 2014

Been a while!

In August 2012 we purchased a home
 Sallyanne our real-estate agent probably thought we would NEVER pick a house.  
We have been slowly making improvements.  As you can see by the front we have xeriscape.  It is beyond ugly.  The back yard is still 2/3rds x-scape.  The master bathroom had carpet (who ever came up with that is really disgusting) it now has tile.  The oak cabinets in the kitchen are now cream.  The falling down pergola is now standing tall and proud with the help of my dad.  The shed that was in the main back yard is now in the side back yard so I can have a small tiny garden spot.  We were able to fit our entertainment center we purchased in 2000 into a book shelf space built into the house with about 1/2" to spare.  

This past summer Ric began on his fourth extended business trip.  Just before he left our Machelle and her family came to visit for a very fast weekend.  It was a great memory.  >> See she is such a precious gift from God!  And thru her we received a son-in-law and two grandchildren!

Here we are... as it began.  (the extended business trip)

The rest of my summer and Fall were taken up with quilting and geocaching.

two of my favorite caches and...      

two major pains in my back end!  As of this posting I/ we have found 1634 caches.  847 of them were found in 2013.  My streak is currently at 188... until tomorrow. :) And I have found a cache of 255 days out of the 366 day year... until tomorrow.  My goal for this extended trip was to get to 1502... passed that.

Christmas was spent with the Rainey clan.  
 This is the quilt Nikki, Christine, Lillie and Emily next to went sleepless to finish in time for Christmas.  I guess Christine was sewing the binding on when I  arrived on Christmas Eve.

The New Year has arrived.  Sadly I was unable to make the trip to WI.  Sure am missing Marti, David   et al... :(

We have been attending Church at Briargate.
May I just say I am so grateful God sent us there.  The church body has really wrapped around and kept us in prayer.  I KNOW because I have been so strong thru this deployment.

 Our Lead Pastor Scott Bottoms and his bride Linda.
This is Ike, he and his wife attended CAB... he passed away... my heart still hurts.  

The cold and snow this winter have been a pain... but we need the moisture and Ric is on his extended business trip so I fully expected it.  
This weekend I moved my office from one room to another... Whew that was a lot of work.
The Superbowl was yesterday and well Only the Seahawks showed up... the commercial Welcome Home Hero's was superb.  Althought the 5 minute youtube was even better.
Today Godfrey my beta died... seems silly but I miss him.

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