Monday, June 9, 2014

Laundry Room makeover

Here is the room when we purchased the house.  Excuse the previous owners clothing. There were 3 shelves that each went partially across the back wall and none of them were at the same height.
I had been searching out Pinterest for laundry room ideas.  I found many ideas but I really enjoyed this one.  View Along the Way  of course I couldn't make it exactly like her room and I had to figure a way to make my grey washer and dryer not stick out like a sore thumb.  There was no way I was going to take up tile even though it isn't my pick of color or style.  Picking black as my color so that I could pull both the color of the tile and washer and dryer into a cohesive look.

When we first moved in Ric had completely re done the main floor guest bathroom.  When he pulled the oak cabinet we realized with very little modifications it would hold the utility sink and give it the needed stability to do it's job.  It doesn't really add much in storage but it sure is sturdier.  

Working slowly but surely I had taken out 1 shelf and been doing the stenciling.  Stenciling is painful laborious work!  I found the stencil at Hobby Lobby.  I found the red shelf at the local ReStore for $5.  Ok it had no shelves it wasn't the right color, but come on for $5 it had the potential I for which I was looking.

In comes Ric, and he removed two more shelves, hung the cupboard and then added more shelves and moldings and a clothes rod, took out the florescent lights and put in 2 LED pot lights.  I hadn't painted the ceiling yet in the picture. Before he got all the shelves up he let me finish stenciling... I thought the stenciling would NEVER end.  Then the painting of shelves and cupboard.

Here you see there is one last stencil spot to be painted under the cupboard, and I found in my fabric stash a toile that once I tea stained went well as a finishing touch for a valance.
We spent a total of about 120$ to make a laundry room (our personal entrance to our home).  The difference in having a welcoming happy laundry room is huge.  There are still some little touches to be done, but I sure am happy with the results, and really in decorating you aren't ever completely done.  


Tanya Aitken said...
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Tanya Aitken said...

Love love the after! :) Likes my after to... Larry secretly misses the orange I think.. lol