Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas is so much fun!  I love the celebration of Christ's birth.  Ok so I know that this isn't really the time of year he was born, however it is when we stop and take time to celebrate it.
When my beloved and I got married we did not have a single ornament between us.  We have now been married 28 years and have enough ornaments for a number of trees.  These are among my most prized Christmas decor.      

My Gram made this set off of an original set she had gotten years before.  I never remember Gram not setting up her dwarfs/gnomes.  While the very original set has disappeared those of us that received her reproductions love them.  While the painting has nothing to do with Christmas it was a wedding gift from Gram.  She had so much talent!

This little bead tree is one I made in
1995 while in Springfield MO.

Our main tree is very victorian in decor.
This was purchased in honor of our girls
The box was acquired on a trip to VT in 2006. 

The front ornament is an egg.  Purchased in Germany
The ornament behind it was found near a geocache (which
I might add was a DNF~ did not find)
This is one of about 11 ornaments we purchased that first year.
This was hand painted by my step MIL.
She too has talent.
A blossom hand painted from Ric's pen pal.
A gift from a friend who went to visit England
Not sure where I got this little bird
Crystal one of my favorite things

This is the nativity I spent so much time making fun of my mom as she made.
When she finished making it it was beautiful.  She took pity on my attitude and
gave me this most beautiful nativity.  Since the wisemen didn't show up for
another 2+ years I put them AFAR.
 Thanks Mom

Another Nativity just in a German form.

One of my lanterns just festively decorated.

The buffet decorated with yet another Nativity and a few other pieces.

Our dining table with the puzzle piece quilt my cousin Nikki came up with, it is
a snow flake.  We do advent this year we did Tabitha one of 3 it is a great series.

This Nativity is made by Elim Mission in Poland.  A different
person gets a different part of the set.  So in the end each one
can support their family with the proceeds of what is purchased.
Here is my tea cup tree.  Tea cups and crystal.
Under our world tree is a little village along with our new to
us train set.

Here is our world tree.  Much of it is military.

A little church and house

Oh the plans I have for Nikki's little squirrel...---...

The tree is all decorated in little bits from S
Korea.  The big balls are from Germany.
Our little nut cracker collection started in 1981 when Ric's dad brought back
his first one.  We have collected a few over the last number of years.  

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