Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sharron Angle

Sharron Angle... who is she ... to me?  Let me tell you she taught me paino for at least one year (to many years ago to remember if it was 1 or 2 years).  She discipled me for a very long time... taking me thru the Bible and helping me learn now to study the Bible, helping me to understand it so much more clearly.  She was my Young Life leader, a teen group thru the local Baptist Church in Winnemucca.  She taught me how to make homemade pizza.  Later she was my Principle and teacher at Word of Light my senior year.  Still years later she taught me to make yummy enchillada's.   And now.... now she is running for Senate!  In 2 days the primary will happen (absentee... I have already voted weeks ago).  Sharron is exactly who SHE tells you she is... and look, look at her record.   If you are a Nevadan please go check her out!  All you have to loose is a little time... Sharron Angle Republican for US Senate

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vanilla143 said...

Ok so those are many of the great things about Sharron... now the thing to remember is I grew up with Sharron as authority in my life... LOL I got into trouble with Sharron many a time ... and I deserved EVERY single one of them. She cared enough to set boundries... Thank you Mrs. Angle for all you ever gave to my life... I really appreciate it all! Even the painful parts.