Friday, July 9, 2010

Random couple of weeks... Hasimoto's and a biopsy

Life has been rather crazy the last few weeks.  A few sunday's past a friend asked what I had planned for that week and since I had NOTHING planned on my way home from church I decided to throw stuff in the car and go to one of my daughters for a while.  I was home for a week and then I got a call saying that this same daughter was having gall bladder surgery.  So back down I went to help a bit with the kiddo's so her husband could give his attentions to her.  Oh and did I mention that they put their house on the market the day I left the second time?  So we were also getting the house as ready as possible for listing pictures.
I got home on Tuesday and on Wednesday the 7th of July I had a needle biopsy of my thyroid.  The best I can describe it is lipo for the thyroid.  Stick a needle in wiggle, jiggle, suction... do that 4 times.  Glad it only had to be done on one side.   I don't really think they are going to find cancer.  I have Hasimoto's disease and that grows a lumpy bumpy thyroid.  I have had my thyroid goiter before in 2000.  The fix last time was a higher thyroid level.  I am hoping that is what happens this time.  If so I will feel better within about 48 hrs.  Kind of funny what a little endocrine level can do to a person.

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BonjourRomance said...

Oh my, so much going on. Glad things are okay for your daughter. And you take care. Will keep you all in my prayers!! How nice that you were able to help with the kiddoes.
All my best,