Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Gluten Free... or trying to be as completely as possible

So today I am IM'ing with my sister-in-law while she is in Landstuhl Germany. When we get onto the subject of my gluten intolerance.  She is asking me all about it.  We have been moving around with the Army for 11 years now so we really haven't been around the families for to much time.
I say that Ric calls me on gluten Dr. Jeckle and Mrs Hyde.  That he doesn't like the FLASH ANGER or the PMS on steroids and the lack of rational thought processes.
Char says... a new superhero...FLASH ANGER, superhero on PMS steriods cause by eating gluten
to which I respond no all of the superhero's are against FLASH ANGER
Char says "oh evil villain"

My gluten intolerance is indeed an evil villain.  And as long as I consume no gluten the evil villain remains in check.  The moment I consume even a little the evil villain attacks.  

If for some reason you think there might be even a chance of Celiacs or Gluten Intolerance a really great book to read is "G-Free"   by Elizabeth Hasselbeck

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