Saturday, August 14, 2010

Trellis Quilt

I started this quilt sometime in early 2005 or even late 2004.  My cousin Nikki figured out all the measurements while we lived in Germany.  I bought 2004 and cut out all the fabric 2005 while Ric was in Advanced Course at Ft. Jackson, SC.  We moved to Ft. Lee, VA and I continued to work on this quilt. I could have 2 lovely twin sized quilts instead of this huge thing that has been harassing me for years.   Then we moved to Daegu, S. Korea and the quilt was left in storage.  Now we are at the current duty station and I have been working on this quilt for hours.  Finally at about noon Saturday 14 Aug 2010 I have finished this quilt.  After it gets washed it will go on my bed for at least a month.
Ok so the quilt is SO messed up.  If I had marked the original squares Nikki had me cut I would have known that there were some that were about 1/4 inch bigger than others.  As it stood I did not know that until I was putting the quilt blocks together and some were a little sort and some a little long.  If I had been smart at this point when I realized the size I would have cut it in half.  But since my blond roots stood in the way of common sense I continued on foolishy.  At some point in the past year while quilting and trimming thread I cut a part of the trellis.  So the Rose that is weirdly out by itself is indeed to hide a big booboo.  If it was truly complete it would have a name tape on it.  Well right now it doesn't ... maybe it will never get a name tag.
To my friend Lisa... I highly recommend making 2 twin's.  To my cousin Nikki... Thank you for all your work to help me even though I managed to mess it up as much as possible.


Lisa said...

Way to late for making the quilt 2 twins... wish I would have thought about it myself. Mine is all put together and @ 1/4-1/2 of the stitching in the ditch is done.

You have encouraed me and inspired me to pull it out and try to finish it. Maybe I'll set a goal to have it finished by Christmas.

Your quilt looks beautiful, btw. :)

nrnoodle said...

I think your quilt looks great. It is those times when we buck tradition that we learn the most. I can;t wait to see it in person. Take a picture of it on your bed. I would love to see it there.
I have a love hate relationship with a quilt right now. I will show it to you when you and Lisa come here for a quilt retreat. I have a quest room waiting for you.