Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gluten Free Cookbook

Quick-Fix Gluten Free is written by Robert M Landolpi.  
The title is pretty self explanatory, this cookbook is specific to cook without Gluten.    

Mr. Landolpi's wife became ill and after some long searching and many incorrect diagnoses she   was found to have Celiac Disease.  He began creating recipes and then was inspired to share what he had learned the hard way.  Many are finding ways to make the original (wheat based) into something gluten free, such as cinnamon rolls, southern-style chicken and dumplings, spinach and ricotta cheese eggplant roulades or swedish meatballs.  Others would be gluten free naturally, such as bacon-wrapped dates stuffed with almonds and goat cheese, or tangy thai baby back ribs.  I like how he has noted if he has found something works especially well, like a spice or a beer for battering.  He has a few recipes from breakfast thru dessert with interesting stops at teasers, tasty comforts and international flavors to name a few.  Mr. Landolpi also goes into a list of likely needed items in the gluten-free pantry, substitutions, and techniques.  

I recommend this book for people who have gluten issues at all.  Since I am gluten intolerant it  is very useful to me.  

I want to thank Andrews McMeel Publishing thru netGalley for being able to read this on my iPad complimentary for review.

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