Friday, August 12, 2011


My father is so gleeful that he no longer moves his momma's piano!
This move has probably been the most stressful one I have ever encountered.  In part because we decided that I would come with Ric pretty late in the game.  We had planned that I would stay with the house until it sold.  Well after almost a year deployment being apart for even a few more months of our own choosing just was not realistic.  So while Ric started school I stayed back and prepared the household goods for pack out.  The packers packed us out in 2.5 days!  That is the quickest we have ever been packed and loaded!  Packing started Wed. and they left on Friday at 12:30.  As soon as they left I finished packing my car, locked the house up, and drove like a mad person to beat the movers to Leavenworth.  By 15:00/ 3:00pm they were unloading!  Today the movers came and picked up the empty except for paper boxes.

With many thanks going to my dear friends Shari and Ms Barbara for coming and helping me during the pack out.

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