Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Stories of Faith, and Courage

Stories of Faith and Courage  from the war in Iraq & Afghanistan  is a a day by day reading thru the year.  The days are about different people or situations, and sometimes continuing situations. The stories are about 2 pages long, each day is ended with a short prayer and a scripture.   It is written by Jane Hampton Cook, Jocelyn Green, and John Croushorn.

I think that the "Dedication" sums up the book very well " Dedicated to those who live loudly for liberty in Iraq and Afghanistan and their families."

As a Chaplain's wife, I appreciate that the stories and adventures of our soldiers and their families are being shared.  Some of the stories made me cry, some made me laugh, and appreciate the sacrifices.  The stories made me think and consider how God would have me handle situations in my own life.

I want to THANK AMG and netGalley for the opportunity to read this on my iPad complimentary for review purposes.

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