Saturday, October 9, 2010

Apple Clafoutis

So for years now I have basically given up baking.  Clear back into high school I would take an occasional  stress day and just bake.  Everything from cookies, to breads, to pies.  Mom liked it cause I always left the kitchen sparkling when I was in that mood.  Anyhow, since realizing I needed to be gluten free I have essentially given up cooking.  Recently I started following a blog Gluten-Free Girl and started ... dreaming of baking again.  So in the past few days since I received her books I have been baking.  Ahhh...
I had located this Apple Clafoutis at Living Without (and it is one of the free recipes).  One note if you decide to make it I would re-stir the 2/3's before adding it to the 1/3 already baking.  And on a personal note... don't forget the sugar until after it is all in the oven then try to add it.  This really seems to me to be like a crepe recipe over fruit of the season.
When I make this recipe with apples again I will add a little cinnamon.

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Elaine said...

I smell apples baking Yum!

I need to bake more