Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Decorating... Nikki's

Decorating is probably the thing I MOST enjoy.  It is a passion!  This week at Nikki's she gave me carte blanch and said do what you want.  Oh Nikki do you know how wonderful that makes me feel.   Anyhow She has a smallish office room which I was able to design the arrangement for and re-arrange with Nikki and Roger's help.  If I do say so myself the room went from feeling closed in to much more open and for Nikki more usable work space.  I think she was most excited that she now has a space for her idea wall.  Roger, I appreciate your help so much!

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nrnoodle said...

I appreciate you DeDee more than words can say. I love you. I am so glad God saw fit to make our paths cross.