Friday, November 26, 2010

Today I am Thankful for...

So I was slow on the whole Thankful for month.  However I think that having this list is a great reminder of ALL I have to be thankful for.  

Today I am Thankful for... God who loves me so much that HE pursues me and shows me how I need to change. He is so good to me. 5 Nov 2010

... my wonderful husband who keeps me grounded and he loves me so much. I respect him. Thank you Babe for all you do for me for our girls for our country. 6 Nov 2010

... for my girls.... you know the 7 beautiful girls that God blessed Ric and me with. Cherish, Rhonda, Machelle, Chris, Mandy, Lisa, and Tasha!  7 Nov 2010

... my son's in law... I love them. Kevin, Larry and Jeremy! Thanking God that they all love God and their perspective family!  8 Nov 2010

... Faith, Colton, Zac, Tyler, Jordan, Tristin, Kyran, Kegan, Kaylin, and Mateo... our beautiful daughters children, and Cameron... who will be our Tyler's first child making us great grandparents.  9 Nov 2010

... close friends who keep me grounded. Today I will be specific... Marti, Tina and Janet. Hahaa 2 of these people will never see this. oh well God knows.  10 Nov 2010 
... cousins who invited me for ThanksGiving...  11 Nov 2010 
... our two dogs... Beaux and Nevada.  12 Nov 2010

... clear blue skies and no snow on the ground. 13 Nov 2010

... a chapel that preaches the Word of God and worships Him.   I have an extra Thankful today too... I am Thankful that Ric is getting to worship with Casting Crowns today. 14 Nov 2010
...that... my God is not surprised... He isn't confused ... and HE loves my husband, me, my daughters, my grandchildren, and my great grand child more than we can possibly believe. 16 Nov 2010

Well travel dropped off my Thankful for's... so I will just leave it as it is.

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