Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Oh I love me some Veteran's!   I do realize now though that I am missing pictures of a few of my soldier's in uniform.
I am proud of my family and their ability to put their lives on the line so that our country can have freedom.  I can guarantee that our freedom's are not free.  I mean how many people who have never served have spent a year away from their growing son or from their newborn daughter?  Or watched as someone they know has died to protect their fellow soldier?  I would venture that not many people who aren't in the military can say they have or would.
My prayer is that you take your freedom's seriously.  By that I mean that you vote that you take seriously your civic duty's.  Someday and I am thinking not to far from now our "rights" as US of A citizens might be stripped from us.  These people the ones in this picture have taken seriously protecting your rights.  In this picture are 10 deployments.  I thank my soldiers for all you have given.  And those soldiers all have families...  Thank you to them also.
btw... Rhonda I am missing pix of you in uniform... and Larry I would love to have your BCT pic too.  Love you all!

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May God bless all our service men and women. I have one newphew serving overseas and another who will be joining him soon.
Blessings and peace!