Friday, November 12, 2010

Potato Soup

Ah!  It is rainy and cold out.  The perfect elements for Potato Soup!
Thanks to my Aunt Sandy,  I have made this soup for 25 years.  That's right longer than I have been married.  I was living with a friend and she had a trip to LA.  So I went with her and took care of her then baby Andrea.  Since I was in the LA area I went and spend the evening with Uncle Pat and Aunt Sandy.  And we had this wonderful soup for dinner.  She shared this recipe with me and I am sure that as in the past 25 years I will continue to make this warm soothing soup for years to come.  That it was shared from Aunt Sandy is heart warming too.

Here is Uncle Pat and Aunt Sandy just this past year.

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June said...

Oh how did you know I was craving potato soup? This sounds delish!
Thank you so much for the lovely message.